Sunday, January 22, 2012

On Why is George Karl Still Coaching?

The Nuggets won a close one last night in New York.  Playing their fifth game in seven nights and having arrived at 4:00 am, the team was clearly exhausted in the fourth quarter and overtime.  This was made worse by the short bench of Coach Karl, he played only seven players.  In the back court, this was forced by injuries.  But in the front court, this was a result of inexplicable decisions by the coach.  While Timofay Mozgov had one of his better games, in what universe is he a better player than Chris Anderson who Karl is increasingly reluctant to play?  Here are the per/48 stats:

Raw Stats

And here are the shooting efficiency stats:

Shooting Efficiency

By the stats, Anderson is not just a better player, he is a MUCH better player.  And he can't get off the bench in a game where the team is playing tired?  A game where they were giving up second and third attempts because they were too tired to rebound.  Really?

The Nuggets are an interesting team this year, a team of a bunch of good but not great players.  The only clearly bad player on the team is Mozgov who is a Doug Moe big stiff.  He's 7'1" and can't rebound.  This team will go only as far as George Karl's personal decisions allow, which is apparently not very far at all.

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