Monday, April 27, 2015

On Missing People

There are many people throughout the course of my life who I have lost touch with and who have never popped up anywhere I can find on the internet.  I am curious about what happened to you in life. So, if you are one of the following people and you run across this please feel free to drop a line.

(If it seems there are more girls than boys, that's probably true. It seems like I've been much more successful at staying in touch with my friends than my girlfriends let alone those who I just had crushes on.)

Kilmer / Sullivan

Howard Joseph - my best friend throughout my Kilmer years.  Last we spoke, you were in the military in Georgia I think.

Ned Trifunovich - my best friend in 8th and 9th grade. Your brother emailed me years ago but somehow I never ended up connecting with you.

Patty Murphy - Oh, did I have a crush on you in 7th & 8th grade. You may not even remember me. But somewhere I have a picture of us dancing in our 7th grade dance lessons that Miss Abdel put in my graduation card from 8th grade.

Ana Eppelbaum - My 9th grade crush whom I was too shy to talk to until after I'd moved to Denver. But we had a great mail correspondence.

Camp Yehuda

Karen Ellis - my first camp girlfriend.  You came to my Bar Mitzvah and you introduced yourself to everyone as my girlfriend which all the adults thought was adorable.

Aliza Shuster - the other of my big camp girlfriends.  You may have been a twin, but I thought you were one of a kind.

Merle Kahn - you were a good friend to me, better than I was to you but I appreciated your friendship.

George Washington

Grant Huff - my best friend through high school.  You dropped out and moved to Capital Hill and we lost touch. I am afraid that you died in Dallas in the 80s.

David .... - You moved in as Grant was moving out.  Some months I remember your last name, some months I forget.  Forgive me, I am bad with names. But I will never forget driving around all the alleys in Denver in your VW bug.

Julie Field - another crush who never knew.  We took honors classes together over the years and Field usually followed Fear in the alphabetic list of students so...


Teri Goldman - My 11th grade girlfriend.  I'm still in touch with people who are still in touch with you. I understand you don't do the technology thing. But if you ever do, you can find me here.

Debbie Roth - Although you were from Columbus Ohio, we met at the D2 district convention in Denver.

Megan Ovitz -We dated briefly and, if I had been smart, we would have dated more.  You lived in a great house and loved Paul McCartney and were much cooler than me.

Chipper Libber - On reflection, I suspect that I misheard and that its really Chipper Lippur.  It wasn't really Chipper.  It was really Tziporah and your parent called you Tzippah.  Which to your friends became Chipper.  Was it ILTC or Kallah?  Or perhaps both.


Jon Washington - Hey Jon, where are you.  Did you get that CS degree? I know, I hope I wasn't too bad an influence.

David Bernstein - Last I heard, you have transferred to UT in Austin. Do you know how unlikely it is to find a specific David Bernstein from Chicago?

Tammi Baker - A girl in my Group Dynamics course my final semester at CU.

Bell Labs

Sonja Husby - We dated briefly but you became a really good friend. Good enough that you came to our wedding.  I really can't imagine that you didn't get on the internet somewhere.

Mildred Nabbe - You were my first mentor.  And I suppose that you might have passed away in 25 years that have passed.  But I hope not.  I will never forget your candy jar.


Peter Bliss - You were my first manager as a manager and I learned a lot from you. Before STK, you had been a development manager at Lotus for the Agenda product - a product that was really ahead of its time.

Joe Lovato - Another of my second levels whom I really respected.  I can't believe you aren't on the internet somewhere.

Scott Allen - You inherited me three different times, so I don't know what you did to piss off the Gods. I heard you left tech for the ministry. I would still love to hear your thoughts on this whole internet thing ;-)

Dana Cooper - you worked for me then disappeared down to Canon City. You were on the internet for about 2 minutes and then wiped your presence clean.  I hope you are still enjoying your dogs.

Pretty much everyone else postdates the internet age so we haven't fallen out of touch (that I know of).

If you know me and your name isn't on this list, you have lots of good company. In 50+ years of life you will touch and be touched by lots of people.  So do feel free to drop a line.